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  • It isn't quick, a marigold's journey to colour

    Kathy Williams

    Posted on May 13 2019

    Our process when preparing natural dye from temple marigolds is not quick and is not so...
  • GoFundMe campaign

    Kathy Williams

    Posted on December 10 2018

    On the 1st December we started a crowd funding campaign for The Happy Hands Project via...
  • The Happy Hands Project

    Kathy Williams

    Posted on October 26 2018

    The Happy Hands Project is a collaboration between Praveen Chauhan, Matr based in Bodhg...
  • Assam

    Kathy Williams

    Posted on September 09 2018

    How fortunate we are to have been invited to Assam to share our knowledge of Natural D...
  • A tale of Zero Waste

    Kathy Williams

    Posted on August 18 2018

    A tale of Zero Waste
    Textiles and beautiful trinkets are a life long passion of mine. I see beauty in just a...