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Kathy Williams

Posted on December 10 2018

On the 1st December we started a crowd funding campaign for The Happy Hands Project via the GoFundMe website. The purpose of this crowd funding is to raise enough funds to start construction on our weaving unit. All funds raised will go directly to for this purpose, the land has been completely levelled and is prepared for construction to commence.

We will be building 3 buildings initially, a spinning house, a weaving house and a natural dye house. We want to create a beautiful happy place that our artisans will enjoy creating in, a healthy happy environment. 

This is a short post to inform you of our campaign and to provide the link, we will continue with updates as they arise.

Our land before work.

Our land after levelling and construction preparation has begun

Our beautiful majestic Banyon Tree.

There has been a lot of progress and we are very keen to move forward with construction.

Please find the link below to donate to our campaign and be a part of the future of The Happy Hands Project.


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