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Welcome to Because of Nature

Kathy Williams

Posted on June 14 2018

Welcome to Because of Nature's new website, created for many wonderful reasons.

To provide an online shop for our beautiful khadi products we want to share with everyone and to share our amazing collaboration with Matr, The Happy Hands Project. You can read about myself and Praveen on our website under Our Story but our blog will give up to date happenings within our project both here in Australia and in Bihar, India.

We are a bit left of centre as we follow the seasons with colour and follow our hearts with design. We realise it may be winter in Australia but it will also be summer in Japan or India or spring in Netherlands so we will always have a range of clothing to suit the world. That’s what online is all about right? World wide web.

In May 2018 we commenced our dream to work with women in Gaya and Bodhgaya, Bihar India. This region is quite a rural community with little opportunity for sustainable employment. Kathy spent 10 days teaching natural dye skills to a group of 30 women and 4 men. A truly magical experience with students excelling at their introduction to natural dyeing.

Our spinners and weavers in Bihar and their work whisper to us what is to be created with their beautiful Khadi as we work as one with our team of incredible artisans. We aim to provide sustainable employment and empowering women is our key focus.

All our products are 100% natural, coloured with natural dye and even sewn with cotton thread. They will return to the earth, fully compostable.  We believe the environment should last forever not your clothes.


Please know you can always contact us to discuss design, colour or texture. We are great at communication and always happy to please and inform our customers where we can.


Beautiful hand spun cotton yarn

The sign of true handloom is the selvedge

Straight from the loom, Khadi length just cut from loom



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