Exfoliator Cloth

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The joy of Khadi just keeps on giving - truly the cloth of hope for artisans throughout rural India

Simplicity inspired our new Exfoliator cloths. Natural coloured Khadi highlighting the honesty of handspun handloomed texture.  All we needed to do was edge each cloth in binding for durability and quality. A variety of sizes are available as each individual can select their need and application, whether it be the face washer size for face only or the bigger sizes to reach around your back and whole body exfoliation.

Nature provides all we need so with our Exfoliator cloth all you need is water to activate the invigorating qualities. Once wet gentle exfoliate your skin, beautiful and gentle on your face as with the rest of your body. As a second use soap may be added to your cloth, you will be surprised at the softness this application creates compared to just water.

You will be truly amazed at the results of our cloth on your skin, a softness unique to Khadi.

Once used, rinse and leave to dry in a ventilated area. Please wash regularly.