Earth is a considered collection we have spent a lot of time developing. Sustainable practice has always been the heart of our work and the impact of what we do has on our precious earth. 

All our textiles are natural, hand loomed and once in Australia they are hand cut and naturally dyed by hand. It is with this in mind we share the idiosyncrasies of such a process.
All our textiles are cut to the same measurements and processed exactly the same but due to the hand made nature of the cloth at the end of creation there can be slight variation in sizing which we have taken into consideration throughout development. A big consideration in Earth's sampling was whether or not we would present the collection pressed. The intricacies of the hand loom we use take on a whole new handle when pressed so after much research and discussion we decided to present our collection as it would be throughout its life in your home, seriously who has the time or inclination to press blankets! Additionally if we were to present Earth pressed once washed, if not pressed, the handle is completely different and we didn't want to present a textile that changed so dramatically after its first wash.
Living with handmade is a wonderful journey of discovery and this information is to inform you of what you will be enjoying.
Obviously you can definitely press our blankets if that is your thing, if this is your thing we really wish we had a little of part of you in us! The fibre is cotton so a warm iron on a slightly damp blanket is perfect and you will be amazed at the change in the handle of the fabric. 
When we cut our pieces the hand loom is still full of pectin and waxes, even rice starch from the weavers so from beginning to end there are many changes to the texture of the cloth.
This hand loom is a living breathing textile. When washed give it a good shake and hang to dry is all you need to do BUT something to consider is every time you do this as a human your shake it slightly different and you will hang it with a slight difference so in turn the blanket moves in tune with your life, you may not notice the slights but hopefully you will feel it. As the blanket is used it will become softer and you will know it better with time, like a friend. This is the nature of hand made textiles. 
So if there is an ever so slight variation to sizing know it will change with life and love. For many years we have worked with hand loom and hand made textiles and every day we learn something new. The most profound lesson we have learnt is that a hand created textile is a living breathing textile that one will be unable to harness unlike a textile from a machine.