Our philosophy at Because of Nature is minimalist. We aim to tread as lightly as humanly possible on our precious earth.

However creating a collection for market in the modern world with all of the the "fast fashion" expectations consumers have come to expect is fraught with many issues that stand in conflict with our intentions. Sizing is one of these factors and demands resolution. We couldn’t imagine offering a listing of 5 or 6 different sizings per garment coupled with each size available in every colour. If you do the maths that is an extreme quantity of garments!

Individuality is a wonderful thing and so we have tried our hardest to blend our intentions with a suitable outcome for everyone.

And so for the majority of our garments we have focused on two sizes:
- size 1 can fit from size 8 to a small 12
- size 3 can fit from size 12 to a small 18

Within The Elemental Collection there are two garments ( PANTS and JACKET) that come in sizes 1, 2, + 3 and we have detailed the fittings within those individual product listings. 

Please note that more specific measurements are listed with each individual product listing in our shop.

We are more than happy to discuss any customer requirements outside our offered sizing and welcome requests that result in a mutually beneficial outcome.

Size sold out? Email usWe had a shipment of Khadi due to leave India for Australia as both countries entered lock down in mid March 2020 so we launch The Elemental Collection with minimal stock available. Orders can be taken to be constructed and sent once international movement returns.