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The Happy Hands Project

November 21st 2018 Patna Beats, India

by Mayank Jha

Praveen Chauhan, a Bihari social entrepreneur is recycling flowers offered at Mahabodhi Temple for dying Khadi Clothes

 There are so many times when we see something being wasted and we pressurize our minds about if can make something useful and creative of it. But only few of us can develop something useful out of it. Well we know someone having the exact profile who is also making us Biharis proud at international level through his innovative ideas. Read more...



November 24th 2018

by Lekshmi Priya S

Thanks to This Bihar Man, Flowers From Mahabodhi Temple Are Infusing Colours Into Khadi!

Have you ever wondered what happens to the mounds of flowers, that are presented as offerings to deities, in religious institutions across India? India is a country where nearly every locality has a temple, mosque, church and gurdwara. So, while it is safe to say that the flower business in India is thriving, it comes at the cost of our environment. Read more....



November 26th 2018 Indian Express

How flowers from Mahabodhi Temple are infusing colours into khadi

We are so fortunate to have such lovely artisans who made us proud again with their dedications toward this ‘The Happy Hands Project ‘. Our sincere thanks to The Indian Express Group’s video platform InUth and Madhuli Trivedi for making such beautiful video. Watch video here...



November 29th 2018 written by Gopi Karelia edited by Sonia Bhaskar

33-Year-Old Makes Khadi Colours From Floral Waste In Bihar

Mumbai: Did you know that leaves of the Mahabodhi tree inside the Mahabodhi temple in Bodh Gaya town of Bihar cost anywhere between Rs. 500 to Rs. 1,000? The reason why the fallen leaves are considered so precious is because Gautam Buddha is said to have attained enlightenment under that tree. Realising the temple’s significance, 33-year-old Praveen Chauhan, embarked on a journey to pursue two goals – recycle waste and promote the use of Khadi in international market. He decided to manage the temple’s waste by converting floral waste into natural dyes and increase Khadi sale by banking on people’s sentimental value towards the flowers and leaves of the temple. Read more ....




23rd December 2018 India Today

by Chinki Sinha

Of Dreams and Drapes - small town designers

With sustainable fashion and craft becoming the buzzwords of the industry, it is no surprise that designers are looking back at their experiences and creating a new design vocabulary. Read more....



January 17th Efforts for Good

Every single day, 200 to 400 kg of flowers offered to the deity is being recycled by a team of 30 women into khadi dyes.

Thankyou The Logical Indian Efforts For Good Sayantani Nath and team for making such beautiful video. Watch video here....

Photo curtesy Manish Bhandari bhaiya