Baby Wash Cloths

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Fine handloom, soft and delicate just like babies precious skin.

Woven by village artisans in rural India - handloom is the cloth of hope.

Our baby wash cloths are made of 3 layers of our beautiful hand loomed cotton, edged with a hand cut binding. When wet our cloths can easily and gently get into all those exquisite little itty bits of our precious babies, toes, ears, armpits, fingers.

Easily rinsed to lay to dry ready for the next bath time. An excellent cloth to have with you when out and about for little accidents that need a quick wipe. When runny noses are a problem our cloths are soft and gentle on little noses.

A beautiful addition to your make up routines working gently with every skin type.

All our handloom is boiled for minimum one hour prior to making so be assured your cloth is 100% clean and hygienic. Sewn with cotton thread so 100% natural.

Sold in a pack of 3. Each 30 x 30cm