Cot Blanket

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Our cot blankets are made from beautiful, soft hand loomed cotton. Naturally dyed in Australia with your babe’s precious skin and the health of their earth in mind.

We will be holding one of each colour in the baby wraps and cot blankets in our shop to purchase and when sold we shall replace this item. If our customers want multiple it will be one week from order to dispatch. We will have all variations mordanted and ready to dye to required colours.

Handloomed in Bihar, India, dyed and sewn in Australia all work created by human hands.

A 100% natural and biodegradable wrap measuring 146 x 120cm

Earth is a considered collection we have spent a lot of time developing. Sustainable practice has always been at the forefront of our work and the impact what we do has on our precise earth. It is with this philosophy in mind we are not producing stock to hold with the intention someone might buy it. 

Kathy spends so much time on each piece it seems logical to make with intention. To cut out these blankets she pulls a thread across the width of fabric to ensure a straight line. Handloomed fabric has a movement that is often hard to control, be pulling the thread for a cutting line it is far more accurate. 
Each piece has been designed to create no waste from the width of cloth. Every stage of creation has been developed with intention.