Natural Dye Kit

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We have created a beautiful project for you to explore the wonderful world of natural dye. Bundle dye with a variety of flowers we have dried as collected from our dye garden or floral waste from Townhouse Living, Geelong.

Included in our kits are:

  • Silk or Khadi pillow case made in Geelong
  • Dried flowers
  • A selection of natural dye powders
  • Mordant for project and extra mordant for a follow up project of your choice.
  • Jute twine
  • Comprehensive instructions

The kit samples we have shown are the results of the bundled flowers only. We have done this so you have a greater understanding of the 2 pigment sources. The additional images with multiple sample swatches display the change when natural dye powder is added. By doing this it enhances colour, creates natural chemistry and supports lightfast qualities in your final outcome.

Cochineal - creates a pinkish red. Vegans will want to exclude this from their kit and we will replace it with more madder for kit 2 & 3 and Cutch for kit 1, Cutch gives a warm brown

Madder - creates a warm red

Pomegranate - creates a soft yellow

If you require a vegan kit please write the word Vegan after your name when ordering so we can substitute the Cochineal dye powder for another plant based dyestuff. The silk is not Peace Silk so will also not be suitable for Vegans. In the future we may be able to offer Peace silk as an option. This silk is a waste product we are wanting to not waste thus offering as a minimal option in these kits.